Black Thread is such an ABAYA, JALABIYA & SHEILA, Established in February 02,
1988 , Black Thread has been devoting itself to creating high-quality and highvalue.
It is a fabric for ABAYA a black dress wearied by many women in Islamic
Black Thread was established in 1988 in Dubai – U.A.E after many successful
ventures in Bahrain. The company has 2 stores in leading malls of Dubai.

By now, the company has delivered 45,000 different designs to its all segments
of esteemed customers.
Black Thread is very good company to deal with. They really got good ABAYA
,fabric and tailoring is good too. We are selling Abaya, Jalabiya & Sheila from
Through so long history, Black Thread has been experiencing very drastic
growth still up to now on. Recently, we have kept developing and exporting
various of ABAYA.
We will keep pursuing innovative future-progressive business in terms of our
accumulated good quality and abundant experience. We also will try our utmost
to be the world-leading company to management with creative thinking.


Black Thread aim is to be recognized as one of the leading
and specialized concern in Abaya / home linen
manufacturers by delivering premium quality, and services
unparalleled in the industry.

Black Thread is to nurture the real values of Abaya culture,
Islamic values and meeting the highest professional /
quality standards in the industry.


Black Thread serve better and also focus on a quality